Eyelid Dermatitis / Eyelid Rash

Eyelid dermatitis also known as Eyelid rash is a commonly occurring skin inflammation that affects a person’s eyelids. It affects people of all ages and is prevalent amongst both the sexes. Eyelid rash usually causes a lot of inconvenience as it is often accompanied by severe irritation. In many instances, it can significantly hamper the individual’s sight because of the swelling of the eyelid.  However, this is only a temporary condition and usually does not aggravate into serious complications. Most people can overcome this condition without having visit to a medical practitioner. Eyelid dermatitis is primarily of two types, namely, an irritant contact dermatitis (ICD) or an allergic contact dermatitis (ACD).

Eyelid Dermatitis

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Eyelid Rash Causes

Though there are a number of eyelid rash causes one of the primary eyelid rash causes is the inadvertent touching and rubbing of the eyelids. Usually, it is advised not to touch the eyelids with dirty or contaminated hands as the eyelids are very sensitive. The eyelids are characterized by high percutaneous absorption and are merely one fourth of the thickness of the skin on the face hence eyelids are easy target for contact dermatitis.  Because of the high absorption of the eyelids, they become more vulnerable to infection even as the source areas of the infection in the body can remain totally unaffected.  Nail products such as nail polish, artificial nails and other hair products such as bleaching agents, hair dyes, perfumed hair sprays, and shampoos can also lead to eye dermatitis thus are also considered to be eyelid rash causes. Cosmetics, makeup, moisturizers, sunscreen containing harsh chemicals and ophthalmic medications such as antibiotics, beta-blockers, and contact lens solution are also common eyelid rash causes. Nickel present in eyelash curlers, tweezers and nail file can also affect the eyelids adversely. Plants such as poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac have also been reported to be eyelid rash causes. Everyday acts involving handling products such as rubber (present in eyelash curlers, makeup sponges), metals, glues, newsprint can also induce this condition. Commonly used airborne allergens present in household sprays, insecticides, animal hairs, occupational volatile chemicals, have also been seen to be responsible for this condition and make it to the list of eyelid causes. Facial tissues especially those enhanced with perfumes and lotions can also affect the sensitive eyelid skin.

Eyelid Rash Symptoms

One of the most common eyelid rash symptoms is the presence of pustules over the eyelids. The presence of pus in these small blisters makes the skin inflamed and is a cause of pain and inconvenience. Another common eyelid rash symptom reported by people of all ages suffering from eyelid rash is the constant itchy feeling on the eyelids. Some patients also experience soreness and redness over the eyelids. In few cases, some of the eyelid rash symptoms also include flakes or scales developed on the skin particularly over the pustule.

Patch tests

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Eyelid Dermatitis

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Eyelid Dermatitis Diagnosis

Allergic Contact Dermatitis (ACD) usually affects only the upper eyelid whereas atopic dermatitis (AD) is more common in adults and affects both the upper and lower eyelids.  Many a times, AD usually escalates into ACD.  Other forms such as seborrheic dermatitis, rosacea and psoriasis affect other parts as well. Psoriasis often induces lesions in other areas and is also accompanied by nail changes. The swelling of the upper eyelid with a deep purple heliotrope-like eruption is a characteristic of dermatomyositis. However, the diagnosis of irritant contact dermatitis in itself is practically done as a diagnosis of exclusion. Eyelid rash diagnosis usually involves studying the detailed patient history, observing and interpreting other physical findings. Advanced eyelid rash diagnosis may include a carefully administered patch test to determine allergic contact dermatitis. The patch tests very often give false positives and false negatives thus making it necessary to consult an experienced dermatologist. These tests can prolong for as long as 5-7 days and at the end of a successful test, the dermatologist might be able to trace the allergen causing dermatitis and the patient needs to ensure that there is minimal or no further exposure to the allergen.

Eyelid Rash Treatment

Most patients suffering from eyelid rash require no special intensive treatment. The pustule that develops during the initial stages of dermatitis usually starts to subside in size over a period of time. This is attributed to the natural capacity of the body to absorb the pus. At times, the blister grows considerably large in size before it ruptures. The blister could rupture naturally or accidentally. In such cases, the pus that is accumulated in the blister escapes and extreme care should be exercised to clean the blister and its surrounding area. This will help in reducing any possible future infection due to the contents of the blisters. It has been observed in certain instances that the blister does not burst but instead keeps growing in size. Under such circumstances, a minor surgical procedure is conducted by the medical practitioner. This procedure is very simple and does not require the patient to be bed ridden. The surgical procedure involves carefully rupturing the blister and removing the pus from the blister and is an effective eyelid rash treatment. Some of the other eyelid rash treatment involves application of topical creams and anti-itching ointments.

Many of these topical creams are available over the counter in a pharmacist shop and can help in considerably soothing the affected area. It should be noted that these are highly specialized creams specifically developed for treating sensitive areas like the eyelid and not all creams used on other parts of the body can be used over the eyelid. Also, it is strongly advised for people with sensitive skin to consult a doctor before using these creams as they may be allergic to certain chemical substances.

Eyelid Rash Home Remedy

The most common eyelid rash home remedy is to stop rubbing the eye. Rubbing the eye further aggravates the situation and hence the patient should take extra care to ensure that he or she does not do so. Another effective eyelid rash home remedy involves using Vaseline in order to reduce the discomfort associated with eyelid rash. Applying Vaseline on the affected area helps reduce skin irritation thus offering relief. Cucumber slices when placed on the affected eyelid helps reduce inflammation and provides relief. Cold compress is another eyelid rash home remedy recommended for relieve from eyelid rash.

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